Project "Frontier X"

The story...


     I was contacted in early June, 2007 by a Michigan Steelheader, through a BBoard that we both frequent with an interest in having an 11'6" float rod constructed.  We went through the options and he posed a couple scenarios that would fit his build parameters.  In this client's case, research does pay off.  He knew exactly which blank he wanted, in this case the Loomis Canada, Frontier ST1384S X, the cork style he felt was most comfortable, and the dimensions that fit his style, thus saving the both of us a lot of correspondence.  I directed him to my photo gallery and after studying the many photos and builds he realized he was in very capable hands.  I was given the green light to be creative and produce him a functional streamside work of art.   These are certainly my most favorite builds!  There is no greater compliment than the statement he sent to the the effect, "I've seen your work, I know I want you to build me something special, so do your thing!"  Music to my ears!.  After a couple emails regarding the type of fishing, his "go to" centre-pin reel, and the species he'll target,  I got to sketching up ideas.  I get as much excitement out of the many possibilities and combinations as the client.


I had stock of amboyna burl wood for another project and enough left over that I could integrate some of it into this build.  I went over my thoughts for the reel seat and wood inserts in the grip and the client was all for it.  The grip on this rod is turned out simply stunning.  I incorporated the amboyna burl into the f.butt, the reel seat insert, and the accent bands in the grip.  When these components were sanded, stained, sealed, and taken off the lathe...I was just stunned.  This wood is just jaw-dropping beautiful.  It can be a little difficult to work with because of the heavy burls thus making sharp chisels a must.  But, once sanded to 2000 is ---WOW! 


For this build, I went with the usual "Defjam Guide Selection" using AMTACK Titans NIA's for the first three strippers and REC Recoil RSPG's for the running guides and including the tiptop.  All guides were secured to the blank using Rich Forhan's locking wrap.   A request was made for a metal winding check in a titanium finish to match the guides.  I chose a winding check from Forecast line to fulfill this specification along with a folding hook keeper.  We also went with Forecast for the reelseat skeleton hardware.  They are the only affordable, quality option if you need an inletted seat in a 8L or 8L2 type configuration.  I've used them quite a bit and have never been disappointed! 



Wrapping the guides, I decided to go with NCP brown thread with chrome trim bands to highlight the wraps.  I've done many guides over the years with trim bands involving different thread color combinations and metallic threads, but with this build I wanted something "different".  I tied up a few mockups, photographed them, and sent them to the client for approval.  He (and I) most liked the final product.  A two band front and rear wrap connected by a single spiral wrap traveling up and around the guide wrap.


Finally, the decal area.  It was mandated that I use the factory Frontier label.  Since the factory label is printed in gold and my business decal is silver, I chose two different locations for each of them.  The factory decal was put in its own "book ended" area just North of the hook keeper, whereas my business decal was put in between the female ferrule wrap on the top section.  Both areas were under wrapped with black thread to set them off.  I hope you like the effect!



I found this project very rewarding.  It allowed me to be extremely creative and I found that a challenge.  I wanted to come up with something extra special involving some techniques and ideas that I hadn't duplicated elsewhere.  I feel I accomplished this and more.




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