S.A.W. defined- 

Steel·head (stēlhed′) As·sault (ə sôlt) Weapon (wepən)


       1.  a sophisticated weapon used during combat with oncorhynchus mykiss.

The story...


     The thrill of fighting steelhead on a long rod coupled to a centre-pin reel ranks as one of the greatest adrenaline inducing activities that I pursue..  Not only is it fun, but at times and given the right conditions, it can also be tiring to the body.  Soreness that is worn as a badge of honor by many steelheaders across the Great Lakes.  A long rod requires attention to detail during the construction phase in order to minimize fatigue.  Weight, balance, repetitive casting, percentage of hookups, the rod's fish fighting authority all play roles in regards to  the level of fatigue one will experience within the muscles of the back and arms.   A balancing act that many rod manufacturers must consider when building float rods for steelhead and salmon fisherman is the need for a reduced weight but also strong rod of length.  Get the formula wrong and the community easily recognizes it.  Get it right and word spreads faster!  Make  the blank affordable and you've got a winner on your hands.


     Batson Enterprises to the rescue.  The new XST line is special in many ways.  A new finish that is very pleasing to the eye, a lighter blank due to a new modulus and build formula and a multi-pc. design make this rodblank extra special.  Reports from friends that have fished it are extremely positive.  Comments like, "Protects lighter tippets and handles headshakes with ease" and "Putting the screws to 'em and stopping charging runs with authority" are all too common.


In short, this rod is likely to be a favorite of the Great Lakes' steelhead float fishing community in no time at all.



Build Specifications:

Blank:  Batson Enterprises XST1562-3 Steelhead/Salmon Blank

Reelseat:  American Tackle AW12 Ti / Black Graphite

Stripper Guides:  Fuji TYSG Titanium SiC Guides

Running Guides:  Fuji TYSG Titanium SiC Guides

Guide Wraps:  Gudebrod NCP Black Thread Size "A"

Ferrule Wraps: Gudebrod NCP Gray Thread Size "A"

Winding Check:  Aluminum Winding Check Knurled

Hookkeeper: Ti Finish Bent Wire Small

Decals:  Deb Brown, Decal Connection/Southern Graphix, Waterslide Application

Cork:  Custom Burnt, Natural, & Exotic Dark Brown

F.Butt:  PacBay Heavy Duty Ti Finish

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With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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