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The story...


  If your goal is to fish New York's Atlantic shoreline and catapult heavy hardware into the ocean's surf, then you can do well with a stout rod able to handle the load of not only the terminal tackle but the fight of the over 60 species of fish that have the possibility of accepting your offering.  The SA4120 is the pinnacle of Sage's spinning rod category as it pertains to ability to carry the load and fight the good fight.  Combine Sage's superior blank engineering with Fuji's new Titanium / SiC "K" series guides and you're on track to equipping an extremely high-end and durable fishing rod.  When S.G. contacted me and requested (2) of the same rods and described the components he desired, I knew this angler meant business!  No expense was spared in any of his selections, even the "Picky Bastard" cork (yes, that's a real supplier of the most scrutinized cork rings on the planet) was picked over to make sure that he received the ultimate pairing.  From the photos, it should be evident that the design motif's controlling purpose involved the colors of  titanium smoke, blue, chrome and silver.  Although it isn't so apparent in the photos, the grips have blue burled cork rings in them. 



Build Specifications:

Blank:  SAGE SA4120-B

Reelseat:  REC PNA 875

Stripper Guides:  Fuji's TKWSG 30-8's

Running Guides:  Fuji's TKLSG 8's

Guide Wraps:  Royal Blue Nylon followed by 4 Turns of Chrome, 3 Turns of Royal Metallic and

                        finished with 2 of Royal Blue Metallic.  All Gudebrod threads.

Ferrule Wraps: Same

Winding Check:  Aluminum Knurled

Hookkeeper:  Chrome SS Lg. Bent Wire

Decals:  Factory Sage

Cork: Rubberized, Blue, Burnt and Picky Bastard's Natural Rings

F.Butt: Pacbay HD Aluminum

Special Inclusions:  Butt Wrap Design.

The Photos:










Build Review:


     These two were challenging in part because of the need to be nearly identical.  While I deviated slightly from this request, creating two distinctly different butt wraps, I found building the grips, both in shape and overall length, was a slightly arduous task, but one that I manage to pull off.  The stripping guides, because of their size, were easy to wrap and position on the blank for alignment.  I can't get over how expensive they are though... I guess, as with all things, you can't put a price tag on specialized high performance items.  If you look closely, you'll see that components touching the grips have been inletted into the cork ring it contacts.  I think this really adds to a more refined and integrated look versus just being assembled. I hope the client agrees with the feeling I hold that these rods are something special!



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