The story...


     By referral, I was contacted eight months ago by S. Gula in preparation for an upcoming build.  We discussed many things, from components to build techniques over the course of a couple phone conversations.  Fast forward to a few months ago and sitting at my door is a bomb-proof schedule 80 PVC tube with components and supplies to build / re-build 5 complete rods.  Unpackaging the contents, I was enamored by what I was seeing.  From blanks to cork, there were no sacrifices made in his choices.  To add icing on to the cake, I was even provided with a schematic on how the grips were to be constructed! 


     Ok, I'll admit it!  I was bit intimidated.  I've had the pleasure of building rods for passionate anglers for many years and most of the time I'll get a green light to "do my thing."   Surveying the plans revealed there was little room for miscalculation on my part.  There appeared to be little artistic freedom in the way of deviations.  To be perfectly candid, I was wondering if building the first of many rods "to spec." was a good decision on my part?  It is one thing to build functional works of art, but this was the first time that my creations where limited to C-N-C tolerances!  This caused me some anxiety!


     In retrospect, I believe that the pressure I felt was very much imaginary and needless.  The delivered product is so close to actual specifications that I'm sort of amazed that I was able to pull it off so closely.  It was not without challenge, but the workout (both mentally and physically) was well worth the pay-off, IMO.  It was suggested (by my significant other) that this type of build may have been just what I needed to keep me on my toes.  She has a way of being correct sometimes (OK, most of the time!).



Build Specifications:

Blank:  Sage Z-Axis 7136-4

Reelseat:  Amboyna Burl / Struble

Stripper Guides:  Fuji TYSG

Running Guides:  Fuji TYSG

Guide Wraps:  Gudebrod Green Nylon w/HT Metallic Green / PBay Gun Metal Gray

Ferrule Wraps: Gudebrod Green Nylon

Winding Check:  Knurled Aluminum

Hookkeeper:  Bent Wire

Cork: FLOR Grade "Picky Bastard" Natural Cork, Amboyna Burl Wood Accents, Burnt   

            Exotic, Green Burl & Rubberized Burl

F.Butt: Amboyna Burl, Rubberized Burl, PBay Gun Metal Gray Accent Bands.

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