"Project HBE

Twin Sliding Ring-Split Grip Float Rods"


The story...


Hanspeter & Michael, HBE Inc.-- Switzerland, made contact with project plans that were unlike anything that I had constructed before.  Always up for a challenging new build(s), I didn't hesitate to a preliminary agreement to build these one of kind float rods.  They were so different to what I would consider my "usual" float rod builds (if I can even use the word usual) that I needed to gather as much information as possible so that I could be sure that the finished result was superior to the initial build vision.  After several dozen email exchanges, "Project HBE Twin Sliding Ring-Split Grip Float Rods" was born.  The design criteria makes these two "fraternal" twin float rods truly special and unique.  The finish result surpassed anything the client had envision and I was quite pleased with the end-products.


Design Specifications:

  • Extended length and multi-piece float rods blanks

  • The ability to handle steelhead, smaller lake trout and grayling without overpowering them

  • Split grip, sliding ring design

  • Extremely light tip section

  • High performance guide system

  • Aesthetically pleasing attention to colors, patterns and components

  • Decorative thread work galore

  • Custom turned grips with trimbands

  • Adjustable and weighted butt section balancing system

  • Company HBE logo

  • Individualized and personalized decals

The Component Results:

  • Raven IM6, 13'6", 3pc. Float Rods

  • Fuji Graphite Sliding Rings

  • American Tackle Titan Titanium Stripper Guides

  • Recoil RSPG Titanium Running Guides

  • Gudebrod Chestnut, Tan and HT Metallic Pewter Thread

  • Brown Burl Cork and Exotic Burnt Burl Trimbanded Handles

  • American Tackle Knurled Winding Checks

  • Fuji Folding Hookkeeper

  • Bass Pro Shop's XPS Pro-Balancer Kit

  • Decal Connection's Custom Logo'ed Decals

By the way...


HBE Inc. happens to make some rather special hybrid and extremely high-end centre-pin reels for the European and United States' market.  The Carbon Fibre reel that was offered to me in return for field testing on Great Lake's steelhead is one of the lightest, most unique reels that I've ever had the pleasure of fishing!  I used this reel for several weeks and caught many steelhead.  In fact, several battles involved several rather large and agitated fish.  The reel fought the head shaking, surface thrashing, and blistering running fish I hooked as good as any other centre-pin in my arsenal.  Even better, at a mere 2.5 ounces, it was like not having a reel on the rod at all!  That took some getting used to and I'm not complaining!  The 1/2 pound weight savings off my entire float rod outfit was not missed by any means! Other than some minor changes in trotting techniques and casting tempo, I found it very enjoyable and yet another reason to add more 'pins to my collection! Way to go HBE Inc., Switzerland!  Check out their website for information, but be aware it currently is written in German.









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